Hey everyone! I'm new to mastodon and the I'm a software developer trying to get into creative writing.

I'm hoping to do this year 🤔, but I don't think I've written anything over 10,000 words before...

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@kmwallio I started writing for myself last year. I am used to write 30 lines (A4 paper, I don't even know how many words) and this is the first time I've heard of . I am thinking about participate, but, for me, it seem so crazy spend so much time in a day writing. Haha

Welcome to Mastodon!

@arturnp thanks for the welcome! I've never done a non-school related large writing project, but somehow I miss exercising that side of the brain. When I try writing for myself, the words don't flow 😅 so I'm hoping nanowrimo will unclog my writing voice.

@kmwallio my familiarity with this kind of text actually came from school. In Brazil, college admissions tests usually requires a prof of argumentative writing skills. I choose what we call "dissertação", I think it is similar to an essay, but the structure is more strict. Because of that I am used to organize my ideas in 3 or 4 paragraphs, 30 lines, 5 to 10 lines per paragraph, using my handwriting as reference. Now I have to learn how to organize my mind in more complex ideas and texts.

@kmwallio Welcome to the Writing Exchange! I doubt I've come close to 10,000 words of creative writing so you're in good company!

@kmwallio Good luck. I've done it the last couple years but never reached 50K. it's fun though!

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