So uh, what's the deal with spam bots on Mastodon these days?

Coming back to Mastodon I was a bit opposed to this new layout. Thinking I wanted back to the old TweetDeck-y multiple column layout, I was overjoyed when I found the setting to enable the advanced web interface. Less than 10 minutes later I'm back on the single column layout, and feeling a lot less stressed out again.

The more I look at this layout, the more I miss the TweetDeck like columns that lets me see all the things at once.

Haven't been on here for a while, things look... different. It'll take me a minute to get used to this layout.

@matt Is the max size of pictures on set in stone, or is there a way to change it?

Aww, hanging out in a twitch chat watching three kitties playing and napping. Lovely balls of floof!

I've barely gotten anything done at work today. And now I just want to take a nap.

When your work life starts to feel like a 2pac song you know you've got issues to deal with.

What RSS reader do the cool kids use these days? My RSS usage took a drastic tumble when Google Reader got shut down.

Every single time I see a live stream of a space walk or from the ISS I'm mind blown, what a wonderful time to be alive when you can watch live streams from freakin' SPACE!

I'm currently watching a space walk on NASA's Twitch stream.

I want to get back to using IRC for comms with people. I wonder which network is best to use these days.

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After hearing about @Liberapay's issues with Medium yesterday (and offering to help them out), we've put up our official discount policy for open source projects (TL;DR: get our Casual plan for free).

This 4x4 Rubik's cube is kicking my ass, but I'm not going to give up on it. I learned the 3x3, so how hard can this be?

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We're partially localized in Swedish now, too! 🇸🇪 (Thanks @konc!)

I've been seeing people use "gameing" A LOT lately, when did misspelling gaming become mainstream? Did I miss something while I was on vacation?

After a crap day at work, the best way to get into a good mood has to be to look for ways to suggest improvements to something you enjoy using. My platform of choice today is @write_as

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Hey! It's time for the Embarrassingly Basic Checklist!

If you're feeling a bit stupid or out of sorts, when is the last time you...

...ate a real food?
...drank some water?
...took your pills?

(I miss these things ALL TOO OFTeN.)

Holy smokes, I just got notifications for literally everything for the last week!

At first I thought it was a issue, but there was one single notification about a Chrome application among them so maybe a Google Chrome issue?

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