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Konc @konc@writing.exchange

Aww, hanging out in a twitch chat watching three kitties playing and napping. Lovely balls of floof! twitch.tv/clairepics

I've barely gotten anything done at work today. And now I just want to take a nap.

When your work life starts to feel like a 2pac song you know you've got issues to deal with.

What RSS reader do the cool kids use these days? My RSS usage took a drastic tumble when Google Reader got shut down.

Every single time I see a live stream of a space walk or from the ISS I'm mind blown, what a wonderful time to be alive when you can watch live streams from freakin' SPACE!

I'm currently watching a space walk on NASA's Twitch stream. twitch.tv/nasa

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I want to get back to using IRC for comms with people. I wonder which network is best to use these days.

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After hearing about @Liberapay's issues with Medium yesterday (and offering to help them out), we've put up our official discount policy for open source projects (TL;DR: get our Casual plan for free).


This 4x4 Rubik's cube is kicking my ass, but I'm not going to give up on it. I learned the 3x3, so how hard can this be?

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We're partially localized in Swedish now, too! 🇸🇪 (Thanks @konc!)

I've been seeing people use "gameing" A LOT lately, when did misspelling gaming become mainstream? Did I miss something while I was on vacation?

After a crap day at work, the best way to get into a good mood has to be to look for ways to suggest improvements to something you enjoy using. My platform of choice today is @write_as

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Hey! It's time for the Embarrassingly Basic Checklist!

If you're feeling a bit stupid or out of sorts, when is the last time you...

...ate a real food?
...drank some water?
...took your pills?

(I miss these things ALL TOO OFTeN.)

Holy smokes, I just got notifications for literally everything for the last week!

At first I thought it was a issue, but there was one single notification about a Chrome application among them so maybe a Google Chrome issue?

D'oh! When you literally spend two hours on trying to write and troubleshoot an adblock rule before you notice you actually disabled the adblocker for that page. 🤦

Can someone answer me why I get notifications delayed by hours?

Like just now I got notifications after five hours, even though I've been using Mastodon in the last five hours? This happens on both browser (Chrome) and Android app (Mastalab).

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I wonder, how hard would it be to release a book that was based on the movie Big, it would start when Josh reaches the age Tom Hanks was in the film.

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I don't quite know how to feel about the deal with instances on since there's (as far as I've seen) no good way to manage multiple accounts effortlessly.

There should be better ways to explore instances before committing to one pre-registration. Especially if you're just starting to learn about Mastodon.