@GinnyMcQueen Is it just on my end, or is the site kinda borked? Registration form ends up hidden behind the white box with the list of blocked domains, list of blocked domains itself seems out of place and breaking the design etc. Do you need help?

@konc Wooah looks like something got borked last update. Should be fixed now.

@GinnyMcQueen Oh? Still looks the same for me despite force refresh and emptying cache.

@konc It's fighting me to update it, I just emailed my host. Something happened on their end 'cause I can save it but can't publish. Fun times!

@konc Okay it looks fixed on my end but who the heck knows. 😄

@GinnyMcQueen On my end as well, well done! One thing though, I can't seem to find a working link to the code of conduct. From registration page it links to about/more, from that page it links to itself.

@konc The CoC is on the about/more page. You just need to scroll down. past the basic info :)

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