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@cypnk I've always thought of house being a thing, whereas a home is a place.

@thorthenorseman Which smart lights did you go with? And how'd you make the device that runs them?

@tomasino Ooooh, that's pretty cool! Did you design it yourself?

@gunsofchekhovia Oh, thanks for the link! And yeah, ctrl+R is probably my favorite thing in terminals. Works on Linux, MacOS, in PowerShell on Windows. Now I don't have to write (or remember) long commands with multiple options, just enough to find it in my commands history. :)

@matt Thanks, that means I can stop using imgur soon :)

@gunsofchekhovia I love playing in the terminal. When I learned ctrl+R, things got so much easier.

@matt I haven't thought about it for a while but I remembered today uploading a couple of scanned negatives that I was cleaning up that were supposed to be large to show details zoomed in. I put it off at the time.

@aetios Haha yeah, the Jinhao's + 2 x 5pack of ink + shipping cost me $11. Worth it!

@aetios I started with a cheap Pilot V-Pen (disposable). I liked it a lot, so I got two more of different colors. I purchased two Jinhao X750's on eBay (they were cheap), but the shipping was like 30-40ish days, so I also invested in a Lamy Lx Ruthenium. I got the Jinhao's just today!

@aetios I've bought six fountain pens in the past five weeks. Don't judge.

@matt Is the max size of pictures on snap.as set in stone, or is there a way to change it?

@mclgarrett I'd love to read some of your life stories. :)

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