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Konc @konc@writing.exchange

@writeas_dev Ah, that makes sense but I wasn't sure. I guess it just wasn't expecting a comma.

@writeas_dev Out of curiosity, where does the author come from? Tried finding it in the blog settings but couldn't see it anywhere. writing.exchange/@readwriteas/

@mithriltabby I can imagine! I hope to see more kitty pics in the future!

@mithriltabby Haha, how old is he? We had to put our Mitzi down after 16 years of cuddles and love.

@writeas_dev Any chance to plug this into the @readwriteas to link to the blog's account somehow if federation is enabled?

@mithriltabby Aww that reminds me of my old cat.

@writeas_dev Ah, so by discoverable you have to manually search for it, it's not likely to just show up in the federated timeline or anything all of a sudden. Got it. :)

@writeas_dev Maybe I'm stupid, or maybe just a bit slow because it's nearly 4am, but how are blogs on custom domains discoverable? I'm still very much a Mastodon newbie.

@write_as Any chance you're able to set display name as well? If so, could do whatever solution you do for the handle, and the blog name (or domain) for display name. Speaking of which, how about blog@example_com for handle?

@write_as Could always strip dots, or replace with underscores.

@write_as Hmm that's a tricky one. I assume that it'd be problematic with example.com@write.as?

@write_as Does it also work with blogs that use custom domains?

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@JenJen Holy smokes that looks amazing!

Aww, hanging out in a twitch chat watching three kitties playing and napping. Lovely balls of floof! twitch.tv/clairepics

I've barely gotten anything done at work today. And now I just want to take a nap.

@SarcasmKid I was gonna go "fuck that", but now I'm torn.

@minego Must've been one of the birds. Totally.