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Konc @konc@writing.exchange

@thor How many services have you come across today that lock you out because of your location, because of this whole GDPR stuff?

@SarcasmKid Oh that's the resolution and fps, I meant the bitrate. I don't know if you're streaming in 2500 kbps as the VOD was showing. I know that some big streamers don't do 1080p 60 fps even with Twitch's maximum of 6000 kbps because they feel it's not enough bitrate to retain quality on stream at that resolution.

@007 Did that even work with non-diet Coke?

@ktsukik Reminds me of this ol' thing.

@SarcasmKid What bitrate do you stream at? 1080p with 60fps would require quite a bit to hold up quality wise I believe.

@david_ross How about just add a QR code that leads to your Mastodon? :P

@karen Haha, want me to write you a note to your teacher(s)?

@thor Hahaha, a friend in LA (originally from Norway) has talked about Mills before. I really need to see if I can find any here in Stockholm.

@thor Russian caviar? Who needs it when we have Kalles. :P

@thor Well, that only means we get more of the good food if others don't want it. ;)

@thor This is what the mackerel in tomato sauce I get looks like. Great. Now I'm hungry (I skipped breakfast).

@thor Tomato cheese? That's something I've never heard of before! Sounds yummy.

@thor Ah, I see. I love that stuff! The kind I get contains larger pieces, that's why I didn't recognize it. :)

What RSS reader do the cool kids use these days? My RSS usage took a drastic tumble when Google Reader got shut down.

@thor What is that on the bottom sandwich?

@karen Sounds like normal is a bad place. How can we get you to something better?

@karen That sounds... not good. What's up?

@MightyPork I personally like the one with the smaller text more. :)

Every single time I see a live stream of a space walk or from the ISS I'm mind blown, what a wonderful time to be alive when you can watch live streams from freakin' SPACE!

I'm currently watching a space walk on NASA's Twitch stream. twitch.tv/nasa