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D'oh! When you literally spend two hours on trying to write and troubleshoot an adblock rule before you notice you actually disabled the adblocker for that page. 🤦

Can someone answer me why I get notifications delayed by hours?

Like just now I got notifications after five hours, even though I've been using Mastodon in the last five hours? This happens on both browser (Chrome) and Android app (Mastalab).

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I wonder, how hard would it be to release a book that was based on the movie Big, it would start when Josh reaches the age Tom Hanks was in the film.

Me being tired of work situation 

I have the sneaking suspicion that I'm gonna get catch some shit for something that's actually the CEO's mistake(s). I mean, I COULD have taken the initiative and fixed them on my own, but in all honesty I'm tired of his sloppy work lately. It's embarrassing.

They don't pay me enough to do my job AND his. Hell, they don't really pay me enough to do MY job.

I don't quite know how to feel about the deal with instances on since there's (as far as I've seen) no good way to manage multiple accounts effortlessly.

There should be better ways to explore instances before committing to one pre-registration. Especially if you're just starting to learn about Mastodon.

Oh, I stopped scrolling when I got to the numbers because it felt like a page footer to me. Any chance to make the "Please read over the CoC" link jump down to the CoC section?

@GinnyMcQueen Is it just on my end, or is the site kinda borked? Registration form ends up hidden behind the white box with the list of blocked domains, list of blocked domains itself seems out of place and breaking the design etc. Do you need help?

Hey @GinnyMcQueen Your Twitch thing is linked wrong on Patreon. :)

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So discussing poverty and putting off fixing household things with a few people because you can't afford it, and @nico suggested setting up something where people who have the ability can do repairs and maintenance and stuff for those who can't otherwise afford it. Use the hashtag #fixmystuff if you have services you can offer - tools, knowledge, skill - or if you have something you need fixed. Don't forget to mention your general worldly location too! ^.^

For being a person who hates rain and snow with a passion, there's something really soothing about listening to rain. This reminds me of the last time I was camping, waking up to the sound of rain hitting the tarp.

Hello !

I don't write, not much anyway. I've always loved the written word but when it comes to thinking up things to put down I usually draw a blank. At least these days. I'm hoping that'll change.

Writing Exchange

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