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A quick for .

I've been dabbling in the Fediverse for ages with accounts on, diaspora, friendica, gnu social & eventually Mastodon.

I love the community here & even though I might not post all that frequently, I love interacting with the wide range of users here.

This account is my 'personal' account, so plenty of / / / thoughts posts.

@lazylinux is my place for all my Linux posts & @merkaba is for all my programming.

With some time on my hands and a need to try and distract myself from things outside my control, I think it’s high time I make use of The Creative Writing Coursebook and try to make some headway with my stalled attempts at writing something ✍️

These cover designs from Vintage just look amazing. So far I've grabbed Out, but I most certainly want to pick up the others ASAP.

Finished and quite enjoyed it. 3.5 stars for what that's worth.

It's definitely a very emotional book for me, in that it's clear to see how Sir Terry's health was affecting him.

I still need to steel myself to read his final novel...

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I’ve dived back into for the first time in years with Raising Steam, and I forgot how wonderful is.

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Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

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I'd love to hear of other Fedi and OSS projects that I should check out, though, so please feel free to send any recommendations my way. I love trying out and experimenting with new software, etc.

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Ugh. It's been an age since I last fiddled with my Jekyll install on GitHub. Seems like it's borked, so I need to probably start from scratch with it again...

I've been a huge fan of all things for so many years. I've been a bit sad though that the past few campaigns they've been doing have just felt sort of... "flat" for lack of a better word.

I've also started up yet another Mastodon profile:

Feel free to follow me over there for more of my non-writing / reading focussed posts.

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But I'm hoping that if I can make some small steps towards diving back into my TBR pile and also sit down and do some editing / writing, I can make some positive steps towards my emotional / mental health.

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Life has been grinding me down a bit over the last year or so, and I just haven't felt motivated to do much writing or reading.

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I can't tell which I've been ignoring more, my blog, or my Mastodon accounts. 😰

@magicalmilly Hey there 👋 Any chance I could request an invite to Thanks!

@phildini Any chance I could request an invite to Wandering Shop? Thanks!

@skoji こんにちは。bookwor.msのアカウント登録は可能ですか?

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Do you have a non-technical iPhone user in your circle of family or friends? Do you wish that one day they will use #XMPP to communicate with you?

We're still looking for more non-technical people to participate in usability studies of Snikket to help us identify areas for improvement. It will be a short online session with a UX researcher, you just need a computer and browser. No experience of Snikket is required. Last available slots are **tomorrow**!

More info at:

Project Hail Mary is the first book in a while that’s just grabbed me from the first chapter. It’s a brilliantly addictive read.

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