I’ve always been a big proponent of journaling and this story from Japan shows how writing can bring joy to those around us, even strangers.


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How do you store your passwords?

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I’m interested to see what people view as the ‘best’ #XFCE distro.

Either rolling or stable, but XFCE is the flagship DE.

Sound off in the replies and let me know!

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I think I'll spend the weekend losing myself in Gabriel Knight 2 and Planescape Torment. I've got a strong urge to play adventure games and narrative RPGs that will distract me for a bit.

Not too sure what I think of The Walking Dead after S10. I'm not even sure why I've stuck with the show so long. It's lost most of what made it interesting quite a few seasons ago, and the remaining characters are bland and uninteresting. Yet I still keep watching it...

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#poll What DE are you running? 🤔 Why I ask is because a lot of you guys are talking about the Gnome40 :gnome: release and I wanted to see If that changed your decisions on what will be your main DE 😁

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I've been playing around with #Debian Testing in a VM, & it looks superb. I know that Debian never seems to get much love from many mainstream Linux users these days, but I think it's still a fantastic distro to use for a lot of people & isn't *that* difficult to use & maintain.

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mastodon tips to new users 

— remember to take a look at users' bios before following. some ask you not follow unless you've interacted with you before, some appreciate an introductory dm, others do not want to be dm'd by people they don't know, etc
— it's considered good form to cw contentious topics, such as ikea furniture or italians
— the person your mum or aunt is suddenly making long phonecalls to is probably flowless. don't worry about it
— try not to freak out about the giant centipedes. they're mostly harmless
— sometimes during new moon, a green man with three arms will knock on your door and ask for your first-born child. this is der gründreiarmigmann, a german goblin eugen made a deal with early in mastodon's development. just hand him a rock or a seed wrapped in cloth instead

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TiddlyWiki | Personal Note Taking Application
There are many options for Personal Note Taking Application on Linux but TiddlyWiki just happens to be the one I use the most and the longest on openSUSE.
#Applications #Linux #openSUSE #Terminal #WebBrowser #PersonalNotebook

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To any users of Scrivener on Windows, they have


released version 3 and you may be able to get a free version. literatureandlatte.com/upgrade

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The pentagram glowed, and the demon appeared.
"Hi, what can I get you?"
The demon handed over a list.
"Mhm, uh-huh, cool. I've got this."
"Um," said the demon, "are you sure this is..."
"They summon me to learn forbidden knowledge."
"And they'll get it. I am a librarian."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

WordGrinder looks like the perfect solution if you're in need of a distraction-free word processor that harks back to the DOS days of yore.


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Upcoming Instagram changes warn users to accept activity tracking to "Help keep Instagram free of charge" 🙄 #deleteInstagram

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