Seems like South African wines are doing particularly well in China. Much cheaper buying it here in SA though 😅🍷

Freshly baked banana bread to see out the end of the weekend in delicious luxury 😋

Drove through to the West Coast National Park this week and managed to see a load of bontebok and this little guy. We were lucky enough to also see a Cape Mongoose!

Recent pick up at a local book store. A nice mix of pulpy Stephen King, philosophical design and creativity. 📚

I’m trying to be a ‘responsible’ adult in my book purchases recently.

At worst, the accounting books should help cure my insomnia 😂

I’m really glad to see South Africa’s national flower, the protea, featuring in this Star Trek TNG episode. Fynbos exists even in the far distant future of the Star Trek universe.😃🇿🇦

The extent of the fire in Cape Town. UCT’s library and the Rhodes Memorial have both been destroyed to a large extent.

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