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i abandon mastodon for a few weeks and look what happens. well, lesson learned. i’ll never leave you again ❤️

legal pot has made this statement plausible: “you wanna make bellinis and get fucked up on chocolate tonight?”

had a dream i was watching arthur on pbs, but it had a lot more profanity, sex, and violence. i remember thinking it was weird that they didn’t bleep the curse words on a kids’ show.


similarly, a sexual harasser and sex pest with a fast and loose concept of consent proclaims himself to be the most feminist man.

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listening to the burn it down episode of this american life, and this white dude claiming another white dude was absolutely not a racist even though he said some super racist shit and dropped some racial slurs.

aside from the obvious contradiction there, why does any white person have any authority on this subject..? why do they believe that they do?

“a sincere request from magic academy faculty: please do not use portals as magical glory holes. aside from the concerns around sexual harassment, it’s basically playing Russian roulette with your genitals. nursing staff have vowed not to regrow any more lost or mangled members until this has been addressed. you have been warned.”

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While the wilderness survival skills certainly can’t hurt, it will be empathy, generosity, and courage that we need to survive. Kindness and fairness will be more valuable than any survival skill..We will have to work together. We will have to grow food, educate ourselves, and give people a reason to persevere..Humans evolved attributes such as generosity, altruism, and cooperation because we need them to survive.

well. i’m over the fucking moon today. i hope y’all have a wonderful day too.

Broke 70k. Now to write 30k more. Not tonight, though. But I'm on quite the writing tear.

So close to breaking 70k words. Can I do it before I fall asleep? Stay tuned for the most tedious livetooting of writing a novel.

so i was in a weird mood earlier and kinda bummed, like, "why is everyone so shitty all the time? the fuck i do? I AM JUST TRYING TO LIVE."

anyway, i started going through my reddit saves and it's joyful. here you go:

Just told my husband that he has virile cheeks.

misread a phrase as “lesbian lexicon” and have decided my reading is superior to the original text.

“ok, google, how do i spell ‘tszuj’?”


this was a rewarding exchange.

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