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“he’s like the pied piper of squirrels”

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Casual Sex implies the existence of Ranked Competitive Sex

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meta, food. we need to have this conversation 

i was going through notes, and saw i’d jotted down a recipe idea for pumpkin spice cheesecake bars in which i described the flavor as “deep spice.” i guess like deep space, but in confection form? my husband keeps referring to things as having “deep spice,” now.

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Me, talking loudly into a payphone while eating a pastrami on rye sandwich: yeah im on the up and up one of the girls who made the leftist twitter dating account where 37 year old leftist adjuncts are trying to find 23 year old girls to gaslight liked my post
Woman, on the phone: so did you want to pay the whole electric bill or just part of it

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my uber driver (non-native english speaker) was trying to describe a fluffy long haired cat and came up with “wide cat with many hairs.”


This book took a sharp left turn into garbage. I can fix that in post, right?

43,500 words but i don’t feel great about it. it’s like when you get up a mountain and yeah, you’ve come a long way, but you still have to walk your happy ass back down.

Accidentally typed "pork" instead of "port." I am so tempted to leave it.

“your feet are so soft. mine are like the barnacles of an old, neglected ship that has been abandoned and reclaimed by the sea.”

“that’s an amazing description.”

“well, i am a writer.”

Just looking up story structure, like you do when you're half-way done your draft and you need to work on the falling action post-climax.

37k words. Like, actual, plot furthering words.

the world is ending, nazis are back, hate crimes are on the rise. let me escape into a magical world... where all of this shit is still happening, but now with more magic.

This always happens. Halfway through a draft, i get sucked into the plot of later stories and lose motivation to wrap up the story i'm on. Come on, brain, get it together.

do i need to know my medieval fantasy characters’ blood types? what else have i callously overlooked???

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