listen, i know you all know this already, but i think it bears repeating: "i know words, i have the best words."

52 fucking words today. motherfucker.

i've been living in these people's heads for a decade, and i'm well convinced this is some kind of yet-undiagnosed madness. nevertheless, do y'all think there's a market for fantasy-horror-romance-adventure? is that a thing?

"Yo, I'm a fucking machine. Can we just talk about that for a minute? 2,593 words today, my man."

"That's pretty damn good, babe."

He gets me.

today wasn't a dedicated writing day, and i'm still managing to churn out some decent words. is there an actual end in sight? is 2020 going to be the year?

please, universe. don't blow up the world on the year i might actually get my shit together.

so apparently writing suspense just means "give your readers sustained anxiety until the last chapter."

3,333 words. Surely that's a symbolic enough victory and I can stop writing now. My finger tips are numb. Please.

ok. i think i’m starting to like this book again. i no longer feel compelled to set it on fire and flog myself for daring to write such nonsense. i mean, it’s still nonsense, obviously. but adequate nonsense.

416 words. if i can just double that, and then double it about 5 more times, look, i'll hit my goal:


the process of writing:

1. i've got great ideas, i just need time to get them all out properly.
2. i've got time, finally. i'm going to do so much writing.
3. my god, this is trash. it's hot trash. what a disgrace. i should delete this entire thing and never even consider writing again.

51,579 words so far, 5,098 written today. Stuff gets cut, more stuff gets written. I might actually hit my outrageously ambitious goal. Send liquor and pizza, please.

This book took a sharp left turn into garbage. I can fix that in post, right?

43,500 words but i don’t feel great about it. it’s like when you get up a mountain and yeah, you’ve come a long way, but you still have to walk your happy ass back down.

Accidentally typed "pork" instead of "port." I am so tempted to leave it.

Just looking up story structure, like you do when you're half-way done your draft and you need to work on the falling action post-climax.

the world is ending, nazis are back, hate crimes are on the rise. let me escape into a magical world... where all of this shit is still happening, but now with more magic.

This always happens. Halfway through a draft, i get sucked into the plot of later stories and lose motivation to wrap up the story i'm on. Come on, brain, get it together.

filling out a typo-riddled manga character sheet from reddit halfway through a manuscript and after 10 years of drafts to reassure myself that my characters are well thought out.

Is this final draft my best draft? Well, it's my good enough draft, that's for sure.

It's more that I just keep forgetting what the word for "patio" is.

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i have to keep referring to wikipedia's list of architectural terms. this is gonna be a really fun and accessible read for people.

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