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boost to raise awareness of the warp spasm of Cúchulainn, a state of anger so profound that Cúchulainn's legs went around backwards, one eye just straight up fell out of its socket and dangled, and the other eye receded so far into his head that it could not be retrieved by a heron

Alright, I guess I'm finishing the book this weekend. I was all gung ho about wrapping draft III, but 1500 words into draft IV during "casual copy editing" and I'd argue there's some strong momentum. I'll take it. To my muse, whoever you are, where ever you are, thank you.

every few months, i’ll remember that benedict cumberbatch really struggled with the word “penguin,” but in such a wholesome, oblivious, and delightful way. it brings me tremendous joy.

this cat attacks his food with the violent relish of some kind of venomous snake, pausing only to look up at me, as if to ask, “why are you laughing? i am trying to eat.” hiding pills is not a challenge.

As it turns out, if you bother to set the scene at all, instead of just keeping it to dialogue and high-level descriptions, you have no trouble hitting word counts. It's wild, I know, but trust me on this.

i had the wildest dream last night that a friend and i had to pee and went into a restroom and some dude pissed on my feet. on purpose. and when confronted, he threw up.

honestly, wtf? these “wake up, you have to pee” dreams are getting real weird.

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I've got the perfect solution for too much discourse. What if every year we just take a goat, cancel it for all of mastodon's collective offenses, and then drive it off into the woods

Ok. Draft done. Now to read and edit. Again. The plot is solid. I need to figure out a good cliffhanger ending, and flesh out some scenes. All doable. 2020 is the year of getting this thing fucking done.

i wish writers had a group of enthusiastic friends shouting "write write write!" while we do keg stands.

1k words tonight. book momentum is real. spent a stupidly long time trying to figure out how the fuck to format scrivener for compile.

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My most commonly typoed word is "port" for some reason. Things I have typed instead:

- pork
- porn
- poot

Equally critically, not having anything to remove.

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i feel like reading back what i wrote and not having anything to add bodes well. really well. 53,261.

listen, i know you all know this already, but i think it bears repeating: "i know words, i have the best words."

52 fucking words today. motherfucker.

i've been living in these people's heads for a decade, and i'm well convinced this is some kind of yet-undiagnosed madness. nevertheless, do y'all think there's a market for fantasy-horror-romance-adventure? is that a thing?

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