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Black-capped Chickadee

This tiny, plump-bodied, big-headed bird is a familiar woodland resident and backyard visitor in the northern U.S. and Canada. Gray overall with light buffy flanks and a contrasting head pattern: black cap, white cheek, and black throat. Short, stubby bill is used for hammering open seeds. Often the core of mixed flocks of songbirds. Visits feeders. Nearly identical to Carolina Chickadee, but range barely overlaps. Especially note voice, brighter white on wings, and buffier flanks on Black-capped. Beware that hybrids occur frequently in the overlap zone and some are best left unidentified.


I just saw a seagull limping along and my troubles all seem so small now.

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Medieval England: At least 25% of men are named William, John, or Richard, 50-70% have names that are among the top ten most popular.

Also medieval England: Here, have a list of 1000 dog names so you can keep track of your good boys.

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I recall
In the night
By the water
I climbed a big tree
And nested
On smooth
Solid branches
And the night
And forth
The leaves
And rocked
The tree
And I sailed through the night
On that gently nodding ancient

#MastoPrompt #SmallPoems #refuge

My father is long gone. But I remember him. Especially when I am here in Newfoundland in summer. "Summers were constructions of my father's heart". In the lovely Juniper Poetry

Hello! I started out as but decided I probably should be on the since I write and . At some point I will figure out how to migrate. For now I am in two places at once. Wheeeee!

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