If you have a WordPress blog, you can attach it to the Fediverse using a special plugin.

This will let people on Mastodon (and elsewhere on the Fedi) follow your blog, see your blog posts in their timeline, comment on your blog posts, like them, share them etc.

The plugin is written by @pfefferle and is called ActivityPub For WordPress:


Note that this only works on independently hosted WordPress blogs.

It does not work on wordpress.com free blogs because they don't allow plugins (there is a paid option at wordpress.com but it's weirdly expensive).

#FediTips #Fediverse #WordPress #ActivityPub

@feditips @pfefferle Is there a plug in that goes the other way. I'd like my toots to show up on my Wordpress site.If not, I suppose I could jury rig something with RSS.

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