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> Do you ever think about how Tolkien’s vision of the greatest evil in the universe was something he referred to as “The Machine” which was his way of talking about accelerated industrialism and mass surveillance and he wrote multiple books where the main villains were a dragon who sits on a huge pile of treasure that he never intends to use but incinerates anyone who comes near it, a man in a giant tower who’s wrecking the environment with his factories, and an evil being who uses what’s essentially a listening device to control the citizens of middle earth. And now Amazon is making a Tolkien show. Do you ever think about that.

I have a poem out today in the new issue of The Night @HeronBarks. I’m honored to have work alongside all these wonderful poets. Many thanks to @JerzyPoet and the entire team for putting “Every green thing’s name” out into the world.


There's nothing like the feeling of wrapping up a rough day knowing that you have a poem dropping into the world overnight while you're asleep.

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Ha! I was just about to say the same thing to you. Poe is amazing and Haunted is one of my favorite albums. It's a shame her career has been stimied.


Thank you. I'll keep that in mind when I go shopping. I presently can't, in good conscience, buy more books given how far behind I am with the ones I already own and have gotten to yet.

@Nezchan Did you read an edition in color? If not, do you think it would have made a difference?

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what's your favorite #selfhosted image gallery/management software?

I suddenly have hundreds of very old family photos that need to be scanned, organized, and shared with my family. I use #webtrees for my genealogy research but it's image-handling is not great

boosts appreciated!

“If the universe is meaningless, so is the statement that it is so,”

-- Alan Watts

"I have long felt that in the silences between words and the pauses between lines in a lyric poem, one can hear the faintly whispered refrain 'we are mortal.'"

-- Gregory Orr, “Order and Disorder in Lyric Poetry

Perhaps the quintessential version of what I consider to be one of the greatest pieces of music ever created.

"Awaken" - Jon Anderson & Todmobile 2013 youtu.be/d_Va3e_52TE

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A reminder for #writing peeps - if you tag your writing related posts with @amwriting they will be boosted by the account. Follow & find other writers!

#amwritingscifi (<-- what I'm currently working on)

Let's get a community conversation going!

Boosts appreciated!

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@juliana I heard that like the line from 'Space Oddity - 🎶Apples to apples, dust to dusty, we know Major Tom is musty... 🎶

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The bunnies are also trying to deal with today's record high temps.

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