My second book, Parallel, sequel to Talking to the Moon is now finished. Both books are in my native language, Russian.

You can't buy publicity like this!
Russian state TV and the most famous Russian novelists think my story is too exciting to be true.

Canada is a brand, an exclusive club. 🇨🇦

Nobody in Canada, other than my Canadian partner, wanted me there. I don't promote their brand, fit their optics, nor do I care about it. I am clearly not 'Canada' material and by denying me citizenship after 12 years, they simply didn't let me into their club. 🗝️

I am rather grateful, because I can't see how I could be honest to myself and be 'Canadian.'

PARALLEL is a SEQUEL of my story of escape from Russia and fight to be myself and to be with who I love. Parallel's prologue is available for reading after painstaking translation on my and Meg's part.

This is my address to Ukraine's president Zelensky requesting Ukrainian citizenship

Hello, comrades in I am Meg's partner, Elena. My native language is Russian, so I write mostly in Russian and only short pieces in English. Years of travel and discoveries, since our planet crossing escape from Russia, prompted me to observe the world, to truly live, and to write.

Here, I would like to find like-minded, liberated people.

Writing Exchange

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