My second book, Parallel, sequel to Talking to the Moon is now finished. Both books are in my native language, Russian.

You can't buy publicity like this!
Russian state TV and the most famous Russian novelists think my story is too exciting to be true.


Nobody said life would be easy no matter what turn you take. I was and am with you, Meg, and that's all that matters to me. That and being true to myself and following my heart. Despite everything unfortunate that happened to you and I over the last years, I am having one heck of an adventure that back then, in Russia, I could have only dreamed of. I do not regret leaping off the cliff and following you into the unknown.

Скажите, пожалуйста, кто вы? И по поводу какой моей проблемы вы хотите говорить? У меня нет проблем, одни приключения. 😀

My experience with Bookmate. I was approached by a woman who said she works for Bookmate and suggested I place my book onto their site. I looked into the possibility and refused. Some time later I discovered my book on bookmate website. Complaint to that woman and writing to their department that deals with copyright infringements didn't produce any result. The book is still there.

Hello, comrades in I am Meg's partner, Elena. My native language is Russian, so I write mostly in Russian and only short pieces in English. Years of travel and discoveries, since our planet crossing escape from Russia, prompted me to observe the world, to truly live, and to write.

Here, I would like to find like-minded, liberated people.

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