fettuccine with porcini five times in four days, i may have fucked up

never been a plot guy but plot is needed, and as soon as i have a plot i wanna unplot it, deplot it, mainly because the plot plots against me and makes me think it's impossible to write anything without the plot. to the plot: i don't hate you plot, but can you just approach me without me noticing? be good plot, have a beer, take some time, let me write and maybe i'll come over and have a beer too

I wanna shit in peace and instead you stare at me

Today I had the chance to write a silly comment on Twitter and in this comment I mentioned the 1994 movie Stargate: I admit that I loved it when I was young. As flat as some say Earth is, the movie had aliens, Egyptians landscapes, linguistic quests, a beautiful woman with brown skin green eyes and who spoke an unknown language. Shame it was a shitty cinema artefact, sometimes I wonder what if it was directed by some real director, any real director

Sometimes I think and soon realize the I made

"everytime a person says «i've been sexually assaulted» that person is getting a little bit wetter"

hi everybody, just arrived on the fediverse, no idea how to be here yet but somehow feels nice

i'm also bad introducing myself, let's say i write, even though i don't like considering myself a writer, even worse an author, although technically i guess i do both things

i write in italian as it is my mother tongue, here i will have fun with both eng and ita

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