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RE: "News" Screencaps and Photos

I don't believe you if you:

* don't provide a link (or location)
* crop out the timestamp (or omit the date it was taken)

If you can't spend 30 seconds adding a link to information you already know the URL to, I won't spend 20 minutes verifying your possibly fake information.

I'm not using Google and I don't have your profile for personalized search results. v_v

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#anime #fandom #russia #fanfic #cryptocurrency #monnaielibre
Thinking of commissioning a Russian translation for one of my fanfics because an international conflict shall not divide my anime fandom.
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#fediverse #pleroma blew up over quote-posts. lol

Why are people so mad at Quote posting? Quotes have been a core feature of all forums since the dawn of the internet

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#monnaielibre #warframe #fanfic
I commissioned a French translation of Cephalon Stallman and uploaded it on to #neocities
Looking for extra feedback from native French readers.……
Original English version:…
Check my website's microblog for extra information.
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I check Mastodon to see what they think about inflation. Apparently, it has something to do with weight gain. #Fediverse
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Scrolling down #fanfic on #gettr today (scrolled down to July 2021) and finding a bunch of Donald Trump fanfics. #wtf #crazyshit
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I feel like a complete alien using hashtags on the #fediverse. But I found so much content clicking tags on #gettr in such a short time.
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I actually don't know why the US beefs with Russia. There was less beefing under Trump, and now, people are saying there could be another world war. >_>;
My first guess is that it's something to do with oil, trade, or the US dollar's position. Thinking I should finish my short story about 2022 asap because of this.
#uspol #international

I'm archiving all the funnygenders before fandom wiki scrubs it. XD
On another note, one time I misread Xenogender as Xenugender. (Xenu being the alien overlord character from the Scientology religion.)

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Interesting interpretation.
#nft #copyright #cryptocurrency

ok I'm going to go on record here and say that this story is a stunt to advertise NFT services and to mind control people in spreading this, here's why:

In influencing when you see an "error" your brain is designed to look for things that are incorrect. Thank old survivor instinct and problem solving for this effect. So what they're trying to do is fool your brain into thinking they're dumb. Therefore you laugh and direct attention toward them.

Note: people know how books and Copyright work. Even a child can be taught this. It is unlikely they don't know this and you know it.

What they're really doing with this stunt is that by using this book to supposedly copy and then destroy after NFTing it they're demonstrating their NFTing process works. They're demonstrating how their idea of digital scarcity works. This is high tier propaganda and fear mongering because it drives people to think that physical works will disappear (by someone destroying it) and that you should NFT your works to save them. Believe me the first thing they'll do when you correct them is to pivot into this idea.

As I've said before on fedi the NFT push is intended to force people into adopting an NFT system to protect their copyrights. This is why they're stealing works and commiting fraud. When you adopt their system they gain all the benefits and artists are then forced to work under their system for protection. Mafia tactics.

Really happy about my new page generator. 😄
I miss the layout from

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How is everyone but me (no vaccine doses at all) catching COVID? Had to fill in for missing people at work. 😓

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