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New Instance, Who Dis? Show more

... and that turned out to be a lot less painful than I expected it to be. Awesome.

Opening the suggested/requested edits file from an editor for a submitted story.

Wish me luck.

... crap, I have three anthologies for which to write. By June. This is gonna be a busy month.

"Like, where do you get your ideas?" Show more

Ursula K. LeGuin Show more

Headache. Two more stories to critique. We can get through this.

Okay, over halfway done on my critiques. I may actually be done by the weekend if I can keep this pace going.

She summoned a demon.
"Tell me," she demanded, "a comforting truth."
"There will always be another book to read."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

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Terrible ideas Show more

Submission for Fantastic Beasts sent. Now to sit and twitch nervously until the response comes in.

Or at least until I get myself to focus on the giant stack of reviews I have yet to complete. And this is my day off!

And that's my five critiques. Edits on my submission for @CircletPress and the readings for my other big project left to do.

... and that's three critiques done. And I'm realizing I may have a problem, 'cause I'm referencing Slate Star Codex articles in my critique. But for once, I think it's warranted. I can't wait to see this one revised. So much potential.

... one.

I feel like somebody with noodle-arms after doing a push-up, but with my brain.

Four more to go on round one. Maybe not all tonight.

Okay, first reads on the five due Sunday done. One critique almost done. I... may not be able to do line edits on all these, but at least it's a different person getting line edits this time.

Five stories to critique by Sunday.
Thirteen more stores to read critically -- if not write full critiques for -- by end of the month.
Edits to my @CircletPress submission by Feb 1.

I love this job.

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Also, keep in mind that we're open to queries for novels, creative non-fiction books, and essay, poetry, or story collections. More details here:

Our inaugural publication, My Dinner with Andrea by Jen Durbent is coming this spring! Keep an eye out: