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New Instance, Who Dis? 


I figured, being a writer -- or at least faking it well -- I should make an account over where the other writers are. Not that there aren't writers where I was. Or that there aren't people here who aren't writers. it's just that, if you're going to name a Masto instance "," the presumption is that there will be writers here and writing will at least be the subject of some discussion. That may just be an assumption, though. Hi!

Free Comic Book Day 

Hey, everybody, it's Free Comic Book Day, which is a huge event for all those local comics shops out there. If you've got a local favorite, today's a great day to head down and see all the new offerings coming out. I'm actually kinda sad because even though I'm on an amazing camping trip, I'm missing the chance to go to my local store, Phoenix Comics and Games in Capitol Hill. You should all totally go in my place and check them out today!

... and that's my New Tibet anthology submission away. Thank the Pleroma for deadline extensions!

Criminy, Digitally Imported. I need writing music, and you serve me Itchy Tracks. What's the --

*checks listing, sees she's clicked on Dubstep, Liquid Dubstep, Psybient, and Glitch Hop*

-- never mind.

Rough draft of my story for the New Tibet anthology is finally done! Word count ~6400. Not bad for two days! If only I could make this my day job.

Drugs, Magic 

Okay, _that_ was a good and productive session. Four medicated cinnamon buns baked, one _bird_ baked, one dragoness revealed, and 5087 words written.

It needs editing, but my New Tibet entry is done.

I had a story unfold itself in my head. I have got to get this New Tibet story off my plate so I can get back to writing my own stuff.

Stories I shouldn't write 

Postmodern urban fantasy about a mage that invokes corporate brands like goetic demons on behalf of petitioners suffering from their companies' actions.

Opening the suggested/requested edits file from an editor for a submitted story.

Wish me luck.

... crap, I have three anthologies for which to write. By June. This is gonna be a busy month.

"Like, where do you get your ideas?" 

I was at the dentist this morning getting a deep cleaning, and they numbed half my face to get under the gumline. I told the nurse it felt like she'd turned my face to stone.

I now have a story seed for a medieval plastic surgeon that uses petrification potions, sculptor's tools, and modeling clay to give people their perfect bodies. Of course, no magical ritual is without risk, and side effects do happen....

Ursula K. LeGuin 

Finally, she has walked away from Omelas.

I hope she knows where she's going.

Okay, over halfway done on my critiques. I may actually be done by the weekend if I can keep this pace going.

She summoned a demon.
"Tell me," she demanded, "a comforting truth."
"There will always be another book to read."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

Anthology ideas (Weed mention) 

I had one of those fever-dream ideas for a book. This would be hell to pull off but it'd be amazing if I could do it. I don't want to spoil it, because if I do it, it'll be awesome.

Terrible ideas 

Hey... @hybrid... what would you say if I said I wanted to do an anthology?

Submission for Fantastic Beasts sent. Now to sit and twitch nervously until the response comes in.

Or at least until I get myself to focus on the giant stack of reviews I have yet to complete. And this is my day off!

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