Good grief, I got my machine back after a near 30-day RMA process. It seems.. mostly ok. Definitely better than it was, in that using the GPU doesn't send the fans into full-bore hovercraft mode, or start crashing the system horribly. Here's hoping that sorted everything.

Shipped my whole dang computer back to the seller for warranty diagnosis and repair. Ugh, this is what I get for not buying locally and/or doing it myself. :/

Super stressed about my relatively new computer, a gift to myself a few months ago for getting a great new job in 2019, likely needing to be RMA'd tomorrow for repairs. Blaaaah. That's what I get for letting a company build it, I guess.

Ahhh, I love so much. I've been raiding the "film noir" movie section recently, and the "old-time radio" has some great shows. Just hit up the "universal library" and found some amazing ebooks, too.

Only thing with the books section is that I wish there were more cleaned-up ePubs instead of auto-generated messes. My eInk tablet still isn't much good at rendering PDFs, so ePubs are better and easier for me. Cleaning ePub scans myself is dang hard work, though. :/

16gb->32gb RAM upgrade tonight. Whew, that's a lot of memory juice.

I don't have a ton of memory pressure on this system right now, but the price was nearly half-off, so I couldn't resist the chance for a little extra future-proofing.

New inks arrived. Haven't loaded up any pens yet, but there is much promise in these colors. Noodler's red-black might be the dark ink I've been looking for - pH neutral, waterfast, and deeply bloody. Might have to scrape out the last of the aircorps blue-black (which is really more green, don't like it much) from a tester pen to try it soon.

Meanwhile, though, I'm still on a bit of a writing blitz with the pelikan royal blue because it's just so nice to use.

Pelikan 4001 royal blue ink arrived today, just loaded up a fresh pen. This is a really nice ink, especially for the money. The texture is excellent in a pilot metro fine nib. It's just cruisingly smooth, without being at all runny. Not my most favorite shade of blue, but a very functional one. I like.

I think I want a small writing/crafting desk. I've got my eye on a couple little wood secretary desks that I could squeeze into a corner of the room nicely, and one of them has a storage cabinet under and is really tempting. Not only a good place for inks, pens, and writing, but also I could transfer all my essential oil mixing stuff over there, so it'll smell good, too. And it'll free up my big L desk for more modern technical projects.

Still on the hunt for an all-purpose ink. Noodler's aircorp blue-black ink isn't terribly pleasing me right now. It's not bad, but it's more green than blue. I still really like de Atramentis oriental red, but it's not got any water-resist to it, which is kind of a bummer. So I'm on the hunt for both a dark, rich blue and a deep red with water resist.

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Ah, man, I know I go on about it, but really do love my journal. I'm six years into this one.

I still strongly encourage anyone who wants to be a writer to start a journal. You don't need to write deep thoughts, though you can. Write about the weather, how you feel today, how you felt yesterday. Write about something you did or want to do or are desperately avoiding doing by writing in your journal, or work or school or health. Write like you're talking to your best friend, because you are.

Picked up a new blank journal last night. My old one is getting a bit raggedy and I'm closing in on the last page. Not quite there yet, but my goal of finishing it off is within sight! I'm pretty excited. I've journalled for a long time, but have always ended up scattered across notebooks full of other notes and stuff. I think this will actually be the first one solely devoted to my journal that I've finished.

Guess my spine is collapsing? Having a pretty good time over here. Thanks, bones.

Left both my hat and my pen on my desk at work, damn.

Cracked into my journal for the first time in too many months last night. I say this every time, but man it felt good. I encourage everyone to keep a journal, especially if you're an aspiring writer. But even if you're not, give it a whirl.

Find a pen that you like. Get yourself a blank book that feels right. Lined or gridded or unlined, hardbound or softbound, glued, spiral, or properly bound, whatever suits you, and just... talk to yourself for a while.

It's good. Very good.

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Welcome new folks. Be kind and don't break things, please.

I'm not playing WoW classic, you're playing WoW classic. Shut up!

I haven't actually browsed the federated timeline in a while, only local. Heaven help me, here we go.

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