Hi everyone, I'm new to Mastodon, and I write fantasy fiction (adult and YA).

I'm querying agents for my first novel (epic fantasy) while writing my second (gender-flipped Three Musketeers-meets-Treasure Island with a dark academia vibe) in my spare time.

I love my day job as an academic (PhD in medieval lit), but here I'll be be posting about fiction writing, the query/rejection (!) process, and things that I'm reading and watching.

I look forward to meeting you!

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@lyonesse Hi! I love my literary agent, we work together as a team really well! Are any of your books in audio?

@weirdwriter Hi! I don't have any audio books out, but if/when I publish (either traditional or self pub), I'd definitely want to make audio versions available. When I was in graduate school, I had a part-time job narrating audio textbooks, so if I eventually go down the self publishing route, I might narrate the books myself.

@lyonesse Gotcha! I often blog about how to make publishing better for Disabled people, but some stuff could even help you, as well. I provide templates, and a paying markets database, but the blog category link is here. My latest post is about Mastodon so skip it if you want

@lyonesse Good luck with the queries – and stay strong. It's a wearying business.

@lyonesse your wips sound amazing! Stg a friend of mine would love the second one.
Welcome to Mastodon! 🥰

@Lunarcraze Thank you! Do you have a current WIP? Would love to hear about it.

@lyonesse I have a story idea, or rather want to transform an old rpg idea to a book series.
It is (Urban) Fantasy with the potential setting being Transylvania, Romania. 😊
But I am still in the planning process and I am soo slow. 😂

@Lunarcraze Sounds interesting! My draft for this WIP is coming along veeeery slowly, so I get that. ☺

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