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"Indigenous-led blockade outside of the Department of the Interior demanding Biden declare a #ClimateEmergency and stop approving all fossil fuel projects, including leases, exports, plastic plants, and pipelines." (

I wrote some words of gratitude
To change my sour attitude
But when I look
Down in my book
All I see are platitudes

This is not a test
Let’s break the broadcast
Wrestle with what we detest
And do it fast
We come for the peace
We fine broken in pieces
The solace that we’re told
Is found in surrendering control
Our mission is just a disguise
A truth to hide the lies
We’ve crashed into this demise
By letting drive
So how soon is too late
To have us turn the other way
To make promises that last
Find the peace in our past
Wrestle with what we detest
We need to do it
And do it fast

The pages of truth
once locked away and unseen
are now burned for relief
From lost hopes and dreams

The wanderlust of desire
The search for trust and praise
as we worship the
in hope we will be saved

Specters of the cycle of greed
disguised in the trappings of need
Suffering deep hunger pangs
In the glamour of the feed

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Progressively, the
designs are getting more and
more complicated

I sit and stare at her face
wondering who she will be
She grins back at me
with a yogurt stained smile
as if she understands
Her eyes say
My future is unwritten
I have a chance at redemption
from the follies and foibles
of the world that came before
I know I can
but you must release me
let me grow not in your image
but in your imagination
letting the possibilities unfold
like those stories we read at night
Don’t be afraid, Dada
I will find my way

Reverse the tides too hard to follow
The hollowed sighs of unturned stones
Rattle and shackle of tired bones
The tried and true remedies
Of clockwork reveries
Beckon me home

Unhinge the tomes too soon retired
The captured voice of uncultured calls
The battle and banter of youth withdrawals
Frees me from the sinking feeling
That I am never truly alone

We face the unknown
with a longing to create
Searching for words
to create lasting impressions
Finding the memories
we too soon locked away
in the hope they would
lengthen our days
But the key I’ve found
to finding peace and purpose
is to embrace the light
that radiates from deep within
and abandon that fear
of being too soon

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child, wondering where trash goes: well someone must have thought of a good solution for all this

adults: we put it into very large holes and then put dirt on top

child: even the plastic?

adults: especially the plastic

child: oh my god

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Poetry, Tangential Racism, Soup 

Stereo Subtype
July 26, 2022

on asked where I was from
perhaps it was my temperament
that replied – soup

six transplanted biomes
four languages not my own
never fully learned

genetic variation
suggesting a dozen suggestions
always suggesting

wrapped around home
never acknowledged
as from here

* * *

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Every troll is an island,
Entirely full of themselves.
Each one a piece of incontinence,
A part of the pain.
If the bots be sloshed away by the sea,
Tweets are liked less.
To hell with all mischievous jerks.
As well the banal chimes of thine own
Or sent to fair weather friend's to ignore.
Each like and follow diminishes me,
For I am involved in the societal unwind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the notification tolls,
It tolls for thee.

Tribute to John Donne

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New Online Media Terminology:

(then -> now)
articles -> content
music -> content
video -> content
podcast -> content
game -> content
artwork -> content
threads -> content

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Submit your romance, erotica, thriller, horror or mystery novel, where the main protagonists are members of the LGBTQI+ community, for the chance to win a publishing contract, social media spotlights, and more!

Shut down
That diatribe
On the screen
Screams of regret
Drip wet with lament
A digital shudder
Letting indifference
Consume existence
From the devolved
Social Scapegoats
Letting influence
Infiltrate feeble minds
An internal racket
Chimes to remind
You who is the lesser
And who writes the lesson
Bought by trial and error
And sycophantic social erosion
Move fast and break trust
Uncontrollable lust
Find a cure
Shut down

As I gaze
Into the glass
I recite
I am enough
This flesh
These grays, these lines
They will suffice
As a record
A pressing of time
Evolved from experience
Molded into existence
Persistent as long
As I self-preserve
In flux and fallible
Fermented in haste
But somehow
Quite perfect
In spite of its mistakes
I recite
As I gaze
Into the glass
Peering into eyes
Searching for truth 
In this face
I recite
To myself
I am enough

When I hold
Onto resentment
It devours me from inside
Gnaws at reason
Incisors deep
Swells of anger
Rising to flushed cheeks
mind caught in a daze
heart fraught with rage
Lost, but so damn sure
I’ve found
Fertile soil for anger
Tendered by false promises
And ripened with fear
It drags me down
This feeling I swear I’ve earned
As I hold on to the victim card
Swearing I’ve been wronged
Not willing to let go
Till I’m forced to move on

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the record resides
even if the client does
not know the file state

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