It's again! Every November we open up some of our Pro features made especially for novel writing. That includes:

- A higher character limit — all posts have the Pro limit of 500,000 characters
- The Novel blog format — this puts your blog's posts in chronological order, so each one can be a chapter that'll be read in-order
- A dedicated NaNoWriMo blog — a free additional blog just for your novel this month. Let me know if you'd like one!

More here:


@write_as Thanks for that! A nice gift for us occasional binge writers. ;)

Maybe this is not the place to ask about it, but my last year's NaNo blog is marked as 'unpublished' whenever I try to view it logged out. Is it meant to be viewable only to yourself?

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@maer Happy to help you binge-write more :)

Your blog being unpublished was actually a bug -- it should've been available to everyone. But that's fixed now! Let me know if it's still showing as "unpublished" for you.

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