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Suicide PSA 

If anyone is ever feeling suicidal please dm me. I'm not a certified anything, but I've been close to suicide.

I am always here to be a nonjudgmental listening ear. I may not be able to respond right away because I have a job and other adult obligations, but I will always respond eventually.

I can't convince you to live. I can try, but ultimately that's on you.

What I can do is be your moral support cheerleader here on the Fediverse.

So I'm here.

And you will never bother me.

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Note: If I make grammatical mistakes in my toots, I'm just mentally stimulated at the time. If I delete and retoot it's likely because of cringe grammar.

Currently working on nixing that with some grammar workbooks.

500+ words done for the day. I think I have a cool idea for a short story in the works, so I'm excited.

Here's to writing more regularly. 😅

you're reading that right - sideburn levels are at 96%

(96%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Four years ago, I signed a contract with a vengeful demon and pledged her my first born child.

I haven't been able to get so much as a coffee date since then, let alone get laid, and the demon's starting to get really impatient with me. She keeps texting me dating advice. It's starting to get awkward.

I think I've found the right grammar workbook for me. ☺️

Oof just had to call a Polish company to follow up on an order. Someone answered, fortunately they knew English.

But I don't think she understood me when I asked if she was having a good day and when I told her to have a good day at the end of our call 😢

She understood thank you so that's something at least.

drinkin' a big ol' boddle uh Angst®️ to relive the glory days uma youth

Actual conversation with a co-worker 

"That kitty... They're all alone and meowing. I don't wanna leave them..."

"It's a stray cat, it'll be fine."

"But it looks a little small, it might be away from it's mom."

"That cat looks grown enough."

"But they're meowing. Maybe if I just pet it it'll feel better?"

"They're probably meowing because they know you're sensitive and vulnerable and they want to play with your feelings."


God damn, being a Pisces is a pain in the ass for my Sag moon 😩

500+ words for the day accomplished. Not creative stuff, but cathartic.

I'll probably work further on developing that character I mentioned yesterday and some point later today.

500+ words done for the day.

I think I need to take a break from this one character. She's really fucking intense to write.

Luckily I've pinpointed a big reason I created this other character and I'm actually really excited to explore that.

A tramp stamp that reads “This machine kills fascists”

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