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Suicide PSA 

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Decided to make another account for my everyday general tomfoolery: @mara_cav

I'll still be active here with writing and whatnot, but I'll be my unfiltered self there.

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Note: If I make grammatical mistakes in my toots, I'm just mentally stimulated at the time. If I delete and retoot it's likely because of cringe grammar.

Currently working on nixing that with some grammar workbooks.

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I'm always down to chat, so hit me up if you wanna talk or just share memes.

lewd spam email I just received; lmao my ass off 

So I think I know what I'm going to write for NaNoWriMo. I feel a bit weird 'cause I won't be doing a "traditional" NaNo where I'll be starting fresh on Nov 1st. But I know I can write at least 50,000 words on this universe, not including what I've already written.

Gonna loosely follow the prep course and go from there.

*panic crescendo weakens*

🎶 "And I know it's no fun when your first son gets up to no good, starts freaking out the neighborhood" 🎶

The guitar on this is heavenly.

@mara_cav_ a heron just thought of you. share this to 5000 geese you're thinking of and win a prize. if you don't share this, you'll never see your pots and pans again.

i am reminded once again that i would like nothing more than for paul hollywood to poke me in the belly, shake his head, frown, and say "RAW."

I absolutely hate it when people I know send me chainmail. The kid in me can rationalize the spooky chainmail. But the 'positive' chainmail is manipulative af. Like what the actual fuck?

"an anGEl JUsT tHOUghT oF yoU. SHARe THIs TO 5000 ANGeLs yOU'RE ThInkiNg Of aND GoOd shit WILL HappEN to You. If YOU dOn't shaRE ThiS, tHEn yoU'RE NOt aN anGeL!¡!"

Fuck that manipulative bs. Not sending a text does not make someone a damn angel nor devil.

Other than that, good morning world. ☀️☀️☀️

Dear #knitting folks. Could you please help identifying which knit this 2-years old unfinished hat has?

Thanks in advance ♡八(´˘ᗜ˘`) #fiberarts #fibrearts

Reading List (tooting this so I have some form of accountability) 

Reading List (tooting this so I have some form of accountability) 

Reading List (tooting this so I have some form of accountability) 

The river is made of nothingness. The mountain is made of nothingness. We are all made of nothingness and it's about time.

Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

My biological mother, everyone. She is talking to me. (CW for lewd talk)

asking for help :purple_money: 

I'm writing an analysis of that woman yelling at a cat meme. For kicks and giggles. Gonna post it on my newsletter.

November is slowly approaching and I only have a vague idea of what I want to write about for NaNoWriMo 😣

*panic crescendo starting*

addiction, + 

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