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Suicide PSA 

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Decided to make another account for my everyday general tomfoolery: @mara_cav

I'll still be active here with writing and whatnot, but I'll be my unfiltered self there.

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Note: If I make grammatical mistakes in my toots, I'm just mentally stimulated at the time. If I delete and retoot it's likely because of cringe grammar.

Currently working on nixing that with some grammar workbooks.

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I'm always down to chat, so hit me up if you wanna talk or just share memes.

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. ~ Edward Stanley

Excellent bit of articulating.

‘The question we need to ask is not whether our data is safe, but why there is suddenly so much of it that needs protecting.’

is what we need, but it’s not in corporate or surveillance state interest. And...

‘Because our laws frame privacy as an individual right, we don’t have a mechanism for deciding whether we want to live in a surveillance society.’

Regardless, this girl has written 20,000 words this month and she's fucking proud of herself. 😤

Not stopping anytime soon.

I'm a bit apprehensive about getting into world-building, however. When I was super into roleplaying forums, fanfic and the like all I would ever do was create character profile sheets and I almost never actually wrote or went through with the goddamn story. Even though I was much younger when all that happened, it's still a lingering worry of mine now.

Hell to the yeah. Just wrote my daily 1000+ words. I actually wrote close to 1600 words because I was getting super into the universe I was creating. I was prompted today by the Three of Wands tarot card.

I honestly wasn't expecting much from today. But holy crap as I'm writing at least 1000+ words daily so many new stories and interesting concepts are coming out of my mind -- it's wild to me.

Hating on insta-poets (lewd example poem) 

Normal people don't become inventors, nor artists.

Never forget that.

positive reinforcement and encouragement, talking about going from "gifted kid" to "mentally ill" 

Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. - Eleanor Brownn

I was finally able to get through the first season of The Office, and I'm so happy! I think I love this more than Parks and Rec right now, but I'm only halfway through season two.

This will be fun 😆

Oof, my daily 1000+ done. Wrote about my job and an flash fic piece on two test subjects and their odd tester. I kind of like it, the latter piece. I never thought I could write a story that short and not want to elaborate. Just gotta shape it up and then it might be ready for other eyes.

Woo .

So excited for the Dave Chappelle special coming out...

But where's that next season of BoJack, Netflix??? 👀

Personal relationship crap 

Personal relationship crap 

Personal relationship crap 

Personal relationship crap 

Personal relationship crap 

My daily 1000+ done. Wrote about personal things again.

I feel like I'm slipping and faltering into a disgruntled numbness.

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