I'm not the best at , but hallo there.

I've been looking for a low-key small writing community/family to be part of. I love to write, but I'm one of those people that keeps waiting for the "right time". I've realized you have to commit to the craft if you really want to get what you want -- nothing happens on accident.

I plan to share my random ideas, drafts, musings and the like on here. I hope to make a few friends and have a writer's support system on here.

So, hallo again!

@mara_cav_ Great to meet you! What kind of stuff do you do?

Tbh I'm still figuring myself out as a writer. As much as I'd like to delve into fantasy and sci-fi, I overthink all the things when it comes to world-building and I get lost and muddled. I mainly focus on prose and the lives of everyday people + perspectives in my stories. I'm interested in abstract writing and stream of consciousness -- but I wanna flesh out writing identity before I delve into that. How about yourself? What do you enjoy writing?

@mara_cav_ I've been doing SF/F short stories for a couple of years, some longer (7000 words), some very short (1000). I'm mostly into subverting tropes. It's largely a matter of "I hate the way this is usually done, so here it is done differently (and hopefully better)." I also have a "no white dudes" rule, because there are enough stories centred on people who look like me.

@orionkidder By SF, you mean sci-fi right? With tropes, I find it easy to get lost in trope-ception. But I do like to keep my characters pretty nondescript race-wise. It sucks being a POC and wanting to be white growing up because that's all you see -- Then realizing you can't be that in the end.

@mara_cav_ Yes, sci-fi and fantasy. I try to keep the trope subverting focused on just a couple if things at a time so it doesn’t get too convoluted. Results are good so far, I think.

@mara_cav_ As for representation, it sounds really hard, not being seen. In my own work, I’m at least trying to not contribute to that, but it means I have to be careful not to misrepresent. Tricky, but worth it someone who doesn’t get to see themselves can do so all the sudden. I’ll ler others judge my success on that.

There is a fine line, but you don't know it til you find it 🤷

re: waiting for the "right time"

time has no instrinsic right/not-right value, as far as i see it.

anyway, Welcome! I look forward to seeing your work!

I agree with you to some extent. It's hard for me to see some things objectively since I am very much a "feeling" type. I believe there can be right times for certain things and other things can happen whenever.


As you get acclimated, I hope you will make regular note of postings to the #SmallStories hashtag (marked with capitals that way to assist screen reading software for the sight-impaired).

Several people are posting well-written short pieces for us all to enjoy.

I hope your fediverse experience is great!

Have fun.
Be Safe.

Okay, I'll definitely check out that hashtag after getting into the groove here. Social media is not my forte, so this is definitely an adventure. Thank you for the welcome!

@mara_cav_ welcome! I write myselfand found this place to be a lovely place with support and like minded people.
Hope you'll have as good an experience as me :)

Thank you for the welcome! Based on the responses to my intro, I think this is gonna be a wonderful place ^.^ I'll explore that hashtag too. Hoping to muster up the courage to post something in the coming weeks.

@mara_cav_ also the #amwriting tag is useful to connect to the writing community.

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