Stardew Valley, Covid, working 

Got the community center done in one year. It only took me like... five tries 🥴

With that random-ass goal out of the way maybe I can finally get back to writing consistently.

It's nice to have all this free time not working. But the escapist in me just wants to fast-forward through Covid with ease.

It's selfish, but I want to be a (sometimes) careless 20-something and hang out with friends without having to worry about exposing the person I live with.

Covid, working, escaping reality 

I spent so much time pre-Covid handling other people's problems as my job. It's weird being able to focus so much time on me after years of doing basically the opposite for 40 hours/week.

I don't want to get comfortable being like this, because I will have to start (full-time) college again in a few months.

It feels nice to "work" toward something that won't have tangible consequences. Games have always had that simple comfort.


Covid, escaping reality 

I know I need to apply a similar, active mindset to my life outside of gaming. That would help me not be so concerned with escaping and more concerned with the actual reality of my life.

This is easier said than done, of course.

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