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The Toxic Treat That Beggars Eat (2)
This is the second installment of a series of posts on pizza, and, the truth is, I haven't a clue what I'm doing yet. This could become anything from a long-form essay to a non-fiction book about my personal obsession with hot, spicy pies. The inaugural post, if you're curious, is here.

I ate my first pizza in 1969. No one really knows, though, who assemb

Does anyone really think a spam email that starts with “Dear Sir/Madam” has any chance — I mean any chance *at all* — of being effective?

Pie Life (Part One)
I first encountered pizza in 1969. I was four.

That archetypal pie came from Pasquale’s Pizza Restaurant in the Lenlock Shopping Center in Anniston, Alabama. You’ve never been there, but you know the place. A dining room with wide, black booths around the perimeter and wrought-iron tables and chairs in the middle. Red and white checked vinyl tablecloths. Bulbous glass shakers of pepper fl

Folks — sorry, a problematic setting on a plug-in fed some publication notifications to Mastodon. It was completely unintended, and I’ve corrected it now.

So, anyone here on I've missed workshopping my writing, but local groups are often geared toward encouraging fledgling writers. CritiqueCircle may have the same issue. Curious if you've found an online community for serious/professionals to review and respond to each other's work.

@baldur I've found myself equally tempted for the same reasons.

Just a reminder: when a website forces you to disable your adblocker when you try to see its content, leaving the page and looking for another one with more respect for its users is always the best approach.

"Just giving you a hard time" says a guy on Twitter. Why, because you think giving people a hard time is fun? It's not. Maybe just don't say anything.

the alternate universe where jobs do not refer to employment but rather to clones of steve jobs. in fact, no one is employed. everything is done by steve jobs.

aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! just finished my final edit of my novel.

my editor is taking a final pass next, then the proofreader, but the heavy lifting is definitely done.

i'm just down to typos. holy shit.

#amediting #amwriting

This social media platform sure is social.

If this weekend were a book, it would be page after page of verbs with no periods.

I grew up in a church that called Sunday “The Lord’s Day” and prophesied a world-ending Rapture called “the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.”

I confused the two, and spent many a Sunday morning standing on the commode, gazing out the bathroom window at the graveyard on the hill, expecting to see Jesus descend and the corpses of The Saved come rocketing up out of the earth.

I’m faithless now. But in dreams I still hear the sky-splitting trumpet, the thunder, and the desperate screams.

I trained a neural net on the 1910 edition of Apples of New York, and it generated some seriously weird new heirloom apples.

It's been a long time since I was stuck on a scene in my novel, but, man, I'm stuck hard today. I hate it when a scene I've looked forward to writing bogs down and becomes a chore.

How many people a) post directly to Mastodon vs. b) post to their own WP site first, then use some kind of plug-in to forward that post to Mastodon for posting?

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