I'm a video editor and animator from Los Angeles, where I produce 100+ live comedy shows a year and need new board game friends.

As a writer, I'm about to publish the 12th issue of my monthly zine featuring an ongoing spy comedy (www.patreon.com/notart) and a scripted sci-fi podcast about a guy traveling around in space to pick up transmissions broadcast from earth (www.frequency.earth)

@notartist Hey, man: Mark here. I’ll look up the podcast. Meantime: always good to know more editors and animators. I’d like to hear more about the comedy shows!

@markmcelroy - Thanks!

I do several regular shows - a weekly variety show on Friday nights called Gangbusters! whose 192nd installment was this evening, a weekly show called Set List in which performers improvise stand-up based on weird suggestions we provide, and a monthly panel game (a la QI or wait! wait!) about words and language that we call Idiomatic.


@notartist I’ll look one of these up when I’m in town!

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