How many people a) post directly to Mastodon vs. b) post to their own WP site first, then use some kind of plug-in to forward that post to Mastodon for posting?

@markmcelroy Mostly I post directly to masto, but on occasion I will use my site (not WP) to syndicate to masto. Typically if I'm sharing a resource, I may post it on my site for my own use as well. It will be easier to find there.

@sikkdays Thanks for the insight into your process. I like having content I create appear first on or be archived to a space I own, so I’m musing about these things.

@markmcelroy So are you into the #indieWeb scene? If not you may enjoy some of the tools and documentation they have to do precisely as you stated.

@sikkdays Interesting reading! Turns out I’ve been a part of the scene (publishing to my own sites, not caring much for corporate products) for some time, without knowing there was a movement! Thanks — I’ll poke around.

@markmcelroy Intent is big for me. I like being in control of my data, similar to you, but today I unfollowed someone who uses the WP masto plugin because the content here makes no sense. Sometimes it seems as if they are responding to a thread somewhere else. I have no context for the toot. I'm here for conversation and sharing with others. I don't use social networks as a feed. I'm here for collaboration.

@markmcelroy Straight to Mastodon. I see here as much more disposable. You?

@steven_ovadia I think that’s probably the right mindset. I would like eventually to have “one site to rule them all” — in terms of content I create — where participation on various channels is archived. But maybe that’s not necessary. I don’t, for example, get much value out of the Micro.Blog posts now being archived at Good food for thought — thanks!

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