I grew up in a church that called Sunday “The Lord’s Day” and prophesied a world-ending Rapture called “the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.”

I confused the two, and spent many a Sunday morning standing on the commode, gazing out the bathroom window at the graveyard on the hill, expecting to see Jesus descend and the corpses of The Saved come rocketing up out of the earth.

I’m faithless now. But in dreams I still hear the sky-splitting trumpet, the thunder, and the desperate screams.

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@markmcelroy Dude, your childhood sounds AWESOME. Go get you some faith and get back to living in that space!

@markmcelroy standing on the commode, listening to the trumpet, the thunder, the desperate screams — have you talked to your doctor about your digestive tract problems?

@markmcelroy you might want to watch Kevin Smith’s RED STATE. It may not turn out to be your kind of movie, but you and Smith share some spiritual DNA, I think.

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