The King, The Queen, and The First Pizza Buffet
In Naples, the Pizzeria Brandi displays an 1889 letter from the royal “Inspection Office of the Mouth” (seriously!), confirming the Queen of Italy praised the excellence of the restaurant’s pizzas. Tour guides cite the letter when pinpointing Naples as the birthplace of the modern pizza. Their stories vary, but have three things in co

Reading Notes: Stupid, Arbitrary Goal
Confession time: I bought Arbitrary, Stupid Goal because I thought it was a book on productivity. There it was on Kottke. There it was on Amazon. There it was in my Kindle app. 

I can be forgiven for this given that the book opens with the story of the Wolfawitz family, “who wanted to go on vacation b

A little study in shades of grey, taken one icy night in New Albany, Mississippi.

The Toxic Treat That Beggars Eat (2)
This is the second installment of a series of posts on pizza, and, the truth is, I haven't a clue what I'm doing yet. This could become anything from a long-form essay to a non-fiction book about my personal obsession with hot, spicy pies. The inaugural post, if you're curious, is here.

I ate my first pizza in 1969. No one really knows, though, who assemb

Pie Life (Part One)
I first encountered pizza in 1969. I was four.

That archetypal pie came from Pasquale’s Pizza Restaurant in the Lenlock Shopping Center in Anniston, Alabama. You’ve never been there, but you know the place. A dining room with wide, black booths around the perimeter and wrought-iron tables and chairs in the middle. Red and white checked vinyl tablecloths. Bulbous glass shakers of pepper fl

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