I often look at baby name sites to find names for my characters and all the advertising algorithms are really confused about it.

Most romantic thing I've ever heard might be Raymond Chandler writing about his wife, Cissy, after her death:

"For 30 years, 10 months and four days, she was the light of my life, my whole ambition. Anything I did was just the fire for her to warm her hands at. That is all there is to say. She was the music heard faintly on the edge of sound."

This'd be bragging if everything in Hollywood didn't usually fall apart at the slightest provocation, but I now have two screenplays with directors attached. They're out looking for cast.

Come on, actors. I promise my words won't hurt.

When people talk about purple prose, I imagine it's the colour of the Hulk's pants.

"Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance." – Kurt Vonnegut.

I think about this a lot.

A haunted bucket list: if you accidentally complete everything on it, you die.

Nothing makes SQUID GAME's point like a SQUID GAME game show.

I accidentally took the weekend off writing and feel guilty about it. Who was it who said being a writer was like having homework every night of your life?

Collecting academic essays I need to read but then not actually reading them: this is the life.

Dust is mostly skin, therefore skin is mostly dust.

I had a screenplay optioned this week; an older action-thriller script that'd been kicking around for a few years. I thought it might be dead in the water, but hey – you never know, huh?

Depression loves making you wonder if actually you're just lazy instead.

Comedians should punch up, not punch down. That's why I'm always taking swings at God.

She always saw shapes in the clouds, but only slowly realised they were letters. "Hey," they said. "You up?"

Last night a friend said that if I was a texture, I'd be "patting a porcupine the right way." I liked this very much.

I remember reading about the "CSI Effect", in which juries mistakenly expected high-tech forensics in all cases; I was thinking it needs to be broadened to the "Police Effect", in which people mistakenly expect cops to have, like, done their jobs at all.

Got some designs for the cover of a comic I've written and man, they are great. I'll share when I can but for now you'll have to trust me, internet strangers.

Cats walk on your keyboard because they're convinced they could do better.

Sometimes I remember how in Dungeons & Dragons, paladins require 18 charisma points, and think "yeah that's what it takes to make religious types likeable".

"I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking," said Joan Didion. I've always said that I think through my fingers, too – typing, writing, whatever. It's rare to know what I'm saying until a first draft takes shape.

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