I'm Martyn. (I swear I didn't add the "y" myself.) I'm a writer living in Melbourne, Australia.

Right now I'm working on a novel as part of a PhD on superhero stories; I'm also a screenwriter with a couple of projects in development in the US. I like all forms of stories, but comic books have always been my true love.

You can read some of my work at, if you like. There's flash fiction if you're time-poor too!

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@martyn Where in Melbourne? We lived in South Yarra for a while in the 70s.

@Iquitoz I'm in Collingwood, so the other side of the river! There's still a half-joking rivalry between the two.

@martyn When I worked at the Abbotsford Brewery one of my friends working there was a huge "Pies" fan. I didn't have a favorite. Just enjoyed watching the matches.

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