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The weirdest thing about writing is expecting people – strangers, even! – to care about what happens to characters you just made up in your head.

And yet they often do.

I wish I'd never nailed my shadow to my feet.

"Gun laws just don't work" is a pretty strange response from these politicians that always run on Tough on Crime. "People will break the law, so I guess we shouldn't have laws at all!"

One of the weirdest things happening in superhero comics right now is the Punisher's anti-redemption. Marvel are trying to make him less heroic in order, I suspect, to counter the Punisher-worshipping cops in the real world wearing his logo on their uniforms and guns. But will making the character more of a psychopath change that?

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The sun is an eldritch horror.

Inconceivably old, will last for an equally inconceivable amount of time.

Effectively eternal from our perspective.

Looking at it directly will destroy your eyesight.

Unapproachable, at risk of complete immolation.

Incomprehensible and alien.

Hello, I'm an edgy, rule-breaking comedian. You can tell because all my jokes support the status quo. Also I'm probably a millionaire.

I didn't like school much when I was a kid, but I'm very grateful I had that time away from my family. Very often, parents do not "know best"; a big part of school is just giving you important time out from under their influence.

Like many writers, I talk to myself throughout the day. It's like a podcast for my dog.

My entire life I thought it was the Medusa's snakes that turned you to stone. Now I find out it's the Medusa's own gaze that does it, and the snakes are just for... decoration?

When I think about leaving twitter – mostly to try to disentangle my dopamine from it – I worry that it's necessary for occasional bursts of self-promotion and I end up staying.

The best thing about having insomnia in Australia is at least large chunks of the rest of the world are awake to entertain you.

I've been thinking a lot about the "all your favourite artists have wealthy parents" meme that's going around. To be glass half-full about it, I think it shows that – when we have the choice – many of us choose to be artists. And we should try to make that possible for everyone who wants it.

It's a good day in Australia: we managed to vote out a corrupt, incompetent government that tried to weaponise transphobia and made us climate pariahs around the world.

Now we just have to force the new lot to be better.

Sometimes I doubt I'll ever have the chance to sincerely say "Not where are we – when are we?"

It's election day in Australia, which means I think about how awesome it is that we have compulsory voting. Or compulsory "showing up to vote" anyway – you can always scribble nothing and walk away...

Anyway: wish us luck!

When the entire point of THE IRON GIANT is that the Giant refuses to be reduced to violence – even though it's what he was made for – this kind of cheap IP mining makes me sad. Stories should matter!

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