Going to write a tutorial on building a "Hello World" service for the fediverse as soon as I can figure out how to federate with the fediverse.

@matt Gargron wrote a couple blog posts on this. Hopefully, he'll keep writing these posts so people get a better understanding of what's required.


I'm not pointing this out to discourage you, though. The more how-to articles we have, the better. Having articles from the lead developer of the largest fediverse project makes it easy for any developer to get started, but I want to see how other developers go about implementing AP.

@0x1C3B00DA Yep, that post helped a lot and was perfect timing for me. But there's still a ton of reverse-engineering I had to do to learn everything, especially for building support on an existing platform with a ton of users.

I do hope he keeps sharing his knowledge though! And I know @dansup mentioned he was working on something similar, which I'm looking forward to.

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