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matt @matt

One night a while ago annoyed me enough that I made a browser extension to fix all the "engagement" / nag UX.

Today I launched a little site for it:

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@matt Ooooh, this is great! You should post it on HackerNews!

@thecapegreek Thanks! Actually have before, when it was just the GitHub repo ( -- not sure if it'd be alright for me to submit it again ha :)

@matt Fair enough. Immediately installed. I don't use medium often but this is still great.

@matt It seems that the extension doesn't work in Firefox on Android, it is not available for the OS. Will there possibly be a fix for that sometime? 😊

@thorstenpanknin Ah, it was available on there at one point. I'll look into what happened with that

@matt @thorstenpanknin

I looked up this thread to let you know about this issue. Glad to see it's already been reported. Thanks for looking into it.