Just realized I can add custom CSS through the Mastodon admin UI, so I've made a few visual changes to :

- Wider columns
- Bigger tooting area by default
- Slightly bigger line height for text

What do you think? What other changes would you like to see?

@matt Not a huge fan of it, honestly. While the extra space is visually a little nice, I also have to expand my browser window to like 85% of the screen to see all four columns without horizontal scrolling. I Do Not Like Horizontal Scrolling. Nor do I like one browser window eating up so much space.

@lowbrow Thanks for the input -- it's definitely hard to find a good balance with the horizontally-inclined Masto UI I think. I'm used to having my browser full-screen and scrolling horizontally because I'm on a small 12" laptop, but I definitely sympathize with not wanting to scroll horizontally. So I've reduced the column widths a bit from what they were.

@matt I'm just one person, so don't feel the need to change it back just on my account! The wider format wasn't the worst thing ever or anything like that. But it was taking up like 80%+ of a 26" monitor, which seems a bit excessive for a social media thinger and worth mentioning since you were asking. :)


@lowbrow For sure. Honestly I felt like they were a bit too wide myself, but didn't know if I was the only one, so now at least two people feel this way :) They're only about 30px wider than the default now anyway, but I think it adds a little distinction at least.

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