What would it take for me to be the same person in several different Fediverse apps: here in social.coop or my personal pub, plus writefreely/write.as and pixelfed, for starters? Seems like a missed opportunity if all this good stuff can't be used together in the same user experience.

@bhaugen I'm going to be experimenting with combining and @read_as somehow. Still thinking about it but maybe one service would hold the actual identity and then the other can publish to it -- e.g. you have a WF blog, and boosting an article from Read.as publishes it to your blog.

Some ways around the identity limitations might be common APIs outside of ActivityPub, or just AP-enabled services acting as clients to other AP services.

@matt @bhaugen this is what I've been thinking about a lot. A single ActivityPub identity service and then other services authenticate and publish to the identity. I'd love to help πŸ‘

@david @matt

what's the best way to get this to happen? Follow Matt's lead for starters?

By the way, I am using @mayel and @alexcastano 's fork of Pleroma, which is not stable yet, but when it gets there (maybe January) shd be good for building on.

@bhaugen @matt does this require a new ActivityPub implementation that can become content type agnostic? Is there one out there that can be a good fit?

@david @bhaugen It shouldn't -- services should be able to just implement the client-to-server side of AP, where the platform with the identity is the "server" and the publishing service is the "client". I haven't completely looked into that, but from my cursory knowledge of the spec, I think that'd work.

@david @bhaugen re: content types, ActivityPub can already handle all kinds of content, so again shouldn't be necessary.

But I think there's room for supporting other protocols, like Micropub (indieweb.org/Micropub) -- I'm personally hoping to support it, and even @Gargron mentioned possibly supporting it the other day.

@matt @bhaugen @Gargron is there an issue I can subscribe to on one of your repositories for this work?

@david @matt @Gargron

Lotta repos involved among the people you mentioned. Where would you like to focus? Do you want to raise an issue yourself, or just see what issues have been posted?

@bhaugen @matt @Gargron Matt had an idea for write/read.as; so I guess those repos πŸ˜„


@david @bhaugen @Gargron Yep, good places to start πŸ˜€

Also, project planning for Write.as/WriteFreely is happening on our Phabricator instance (phabricator.write.as/tag/write), so you can always join there and follow the issues you want.

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@matt Also let me know if go-fed needs improvements -- still working towards v1.0 and supporting ActivityStreams extensions, smaller binaries, etc.

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