Yeah, $50 doesn't begin to cover what we'd lose by letting sponsored posts into the fediverse.

The answer, again, is no.

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Also pretty clear they have no idea what Mastodon is, and that this is entirely automated. But yeah.

@matt Yeah I had a few of those too -- even more puzzling on our invite only less-than-1000-user instance. I think it's actually just "we want an article on your about page for crappy SEO reasons" more than sponsored posts but obviously -- still 🙅

So I'm not entirely against sponsored content. If it's transparent and obvious and filterable then our clients can move past them.

THIS post however is content hijacking; they're not even paying you to write content but manipulate EXISTING forms. That shit is rancid.

@jalcine @matt I felt like a pariah when I was following marketing trends and everyone there was really excited about content that wasn't 'traditional' marketing. For example, a blog post written like all others on a car review site, but sponsored by Ford. That's misleading. I'm a little put off by podcasters and "influencers" too. It's one thing to use and like Squarespace and get paid by them and it's another to stage a photo of you using a backpack. It's all still advertising. :blobpats:

Do they not know they can just make an account on any number of servers, or just set up their own? LOL

@frankiesaxx They could, but who would be reading them? Frankly, on Twitter I would quickly get tired and unsubscribe from independent authors, who were "building the platform" by posting: "Buy my book!" every other day. Advertising for the sake of advertising is extremely dull.


If that's all they can think of to write on their social media it's probably not a great advert for their books.

@matt I too get these email for a site I administer, and they're equally as terrible and hilariously wrong, yet also annoyingly persistent.

@lowbrow Hah yeah. I really want to know what the success rate of something like that is

- find random email addresses online
- send bad automated messages
- ???
- profit?

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