Writing Exchange clean up, invites 

As I've mentioned before, we're limiting this instance to 1,000 people, to keep the community fairly small and cozy (but not too small).

We're at 910 people today, so plenty of room to grow still! And if you know anyone who'd appreciate our instance, please feel free to invite them with the "Invite people" feature in your user settings.


Writing Exchange clean up, invites 

I also want to make sure we continue to have room for new people interested in joining the community.

We started this instance back in May 2017, amid plenty of attention on Mastodon. As such, there are some accounts that were created but never even logged in to -- probably people just seeing what it all looked like.

So today I'll be clearing out any old (1.5 years+), untouched accounts.

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Writing Exchange clean up, invites 

Btw, this isn't a new policy that you must constantly be active to keep your account here -- just a one-time cleanup. This won't affect any accounts that have been logged into at least once, even if they never posted.

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