For people in the #fediverse looking for #gopher support, here is a simple node.js service that lacks some sanity checking and for now is provided as is that makes #json files available as a gophermenu.

My purpose was to expose a Hugo blog to gopher via it's json export.

Oh and mostly thanks to @slackz for providing the seed in my brain to create this.

@sexybiggetje sorry if we talked about this before, crap memory, but I've been unabashedly repping @matt 's project, cause it's so so beautiful and about as minimalist as it gets.

Lol, I want a small enthusiastic working group to make gopher support happen for omgomg, too much fun


@slackz @sexybiggetje Just created a task for this with a few general ideas :)

I always thought this would be a pretty cool feature, too. I probably won't have time to work on myself, but I'd absolutely support / merge it if you got a group together to build it!

@matt @sexybiggetje omg, awesome! Thanks so much for seriously considering this :)

You are def giving me strong incentives to learn more Go and experiment with an implementation. I know there would be other ppl interested for sure. and I think attracts a lot of the same ppl interested in gopher for similar reasons - emphasis on content and simplicity. I think I'll browse code tonight and brush up on Go basics.

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