You can now add yourself to our public directory! This is great for helping people from other instances discover who's all here, and who to follow.

To add yourself, go to Edit Profile and enable "List this account on the directory"

@matt 2 cool 4 words! Says one needs followers? Gonna be a frosty day in May 'fore we seez my name on the list.

So, this list works by looking people up based on who follows them? Or is there some place one tags their interests, I've managed to miss?

@meg Hah 🙂 This is only a list of people who choose to be included -- and people are grouped by tags based on which ones they put in their bio

@matt Ah-hah... I'll have to put a "Hogan's Heroes re-runs" tag in my bio.

@meg Hah, I'm sure there are others out there that'd appreciate that!

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