Hmm, wonder what's going on with these sites... instances with different branding and a suspiciously large number of users / posts 🤔

One is a Posthaven knockoff called Postheaven:

Zen Writing: (nodeinfo:

Write-a-Blog: (nodeinfo:

@matt on Postheaven:

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@darius Huh, I didn't know about gpt-2. That was kind of my instinct on what they're being used for -- generating tons of spam posts.

@darius Lol, yeah. Still finding places where they're search and replace didn't work


My guess, it's the same 'enterprising' person(s), probably a web designer, who somehow think(s) a set of these kinds of sites, seemingly unconnected on the surface, will make for an early retirement via all the donations, or something.

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