Is anyone in the working on some way to follow a dynamic list of accounts? Thinking kind of like lists on Mastodon, except they're publicly shareable / followable.

Maybe I could create an actor that follows the accounts in the list and automatically boosts / `Announce`s each post?

But it'd be nice to let a list follower follow accounts individually, so they could *start* following people automatically, but could manually unfollow any they didn't want.

Maybe there could be a new activity type that informs a list follower that there's a new account to automatically follow. But that would depend on changes to AP platforms that do the reading / following.

Ideally, whatever the solution is, it would work with existing platforms.

@matt For I plan on having my principle actor's following collection be scoped based on either authentication (unlikely) or post queries - i.e. you'd be able to GET

And get a list of all the accounts I follow I've tagged as "public" and "emacs"

This isn't quite to spec or your need, but it's my plan, just fyi.

@emsenn Nice, I appreciate the insight. Sounds like I could draw some inspiration from it at least. The site isn't loading for me, though... Maybe something going on with Neocities?

@matt sounds almost like OPML - it implies a directory of curated collections, if I'm understanding correctly.

@jonbeckett Yep, exactly the same ideas behind it, with the added interactivity of ActivityPub.


> Maybe I could create an #ActivityPub actor that follows the accounts in the list and automatically boosts.

That sounds like you want a group actor with some implied activities when a member actor is added. Ie: besides the Add activity there will be a Follow activity and, as you said, an Announce one.

To me it sounds like it can be contained within what AP is already providing

@mariusor Ah good point, I forgot about that actor type.

So basically, this service would have a group actor A, which would accept an Add activity containing an actor B. Then that causes actor A to Follow actor B. And then when actor B posts to actor A's inbox, actor A would Announce it. Does that sound right?

@matt yes, that's what I had in mind.

People outside Group A would then follow it and receive all Announcements. However I think that since they would receive all Adds too, maybe the Annonce is supperfluous. I don't know. :D

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