@cj Hey CJ! Hope all is well.

We're looking to build a new AP application from scratch (details here: and wanted to do it on the latest go-fed version.

I was curious what the status of `apcore` is -- I know it says under construction, but is it possible to build on yet? Or should we stick with the `activity` pkg?

@matt I would love help with apcore as it's meant to be a platform for Fediverse apps -- flexible enough to create generic bridges or specific applications.

Would it be possible to have a video conference call so I can outline the difference, the pros and cons for your effort, and hear your feedback?

Unfortunately I am only free evenings CET weekdays but should be flexible weekends.

@cj Yeah, I'd be happy to do that. I'd also like to loop in @qwazix who will be doing most of the work on this particular project.

I don't have much availability this weekend, but should be free evenings CET next week. Does any day in particular work best for you?

@cj @qwazix I'd also note I'm available today, if that works for you both.

@qwazix @matt I am available tonight, I can do something like 8pm CET.

@cj @matt to confirm that would be 18.00 UTC right? I can do that.

@cj @qwazix That works for me!

Preferred video call tool? Maybe something like ?

@matt @cj I'm also available CET evenings provided I know a day or so in advance.

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