In Prague this week for ! Looking forward to talking about and other projects the @write_as team is working on.

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@matt @write_as Any news regarding @snap_as and @remark_as ? Very much looking forward to any possible integrations with #writefreely 🤓

@gytis @write_as @snap_as @remark_as Not quite yet -- I mostly talked about what we've been working on so far. But definitely inspired to move those projects forward especially after the conference.

@matt @write_as @snap_as @remark_as If there's anything I could help with, would be great to know 👍

@matt @write_as gutted that I could not find the funding to make it out there, excited to see what comes of it

@darius @write_as Dang, wish you could've made it too! But yeah, definitely looking forward to the same

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