Variable reward: will my status update / tweet / toot / gram / pfed get liked?

Variable reward: did the person that I want view my Snap / Insta story? What are they doing instead of checking their phone?

Probably having more fun doing something else...

with someone else.

...Jealousy creeps in....

Why aren't they looking at what I made?
Why aren't they "liking" me?
Why aren't they paying attention to me?
Me, me, me. Me!

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Variable reward: You do something and put it on the Information Superhighway or the World Wide Web or in the Series of Tubes.

You expect some kind of feedback. It's like dancing on a table at a party. If no one laughs or claps, you've failed and you should feel bad.

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Variable reward: The internet is only ever a party where you're expected to entertain. You only receive a reward for your entertainment value.

Think no deep thoughts.

Express minimal creativity.

Appeal to the masses and you may receive one glorious "like" for your sacrifice.

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Variable reward: present catharsis of tooting...

morning regret of last night's tooting.

Will these words come back to haunt me? Or resonate and live on?

It's not up to me, me, me.
Only you, you, you.

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Variable reward: questioning things
cats and ducks.

Feed me new food, News Feed.

Stream me your latest distraction.

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Fixed reward: at least you've gotten that off your chest.

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