Mastodon feature request 

If I "Show More" on a CW'ed post in my timeline, clicking the post to see replies should automatically "Show More" on all of them.

Right now I have to click twice: "Show less for all" (which only shows less on the parent post), and then "Show more for all" (which finally does what I want). The added friction makes me not want to read any CW'ed conversation.

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Mastodon feature request 

@matt Yeah, that is very annoying. I have noticed it a lot myself. I wonder if the developers would actually implement this though.

Mastodon feature request 

@matt Where is this "Show more for all"? Is it web UI? There's no such possibility in #Tusky.

And yes, that's greatly annoying, having to individually open every "Show more" on a conversation.

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