@dansup Hey, are you active at all on the Pixelfed section of SocialHub ( I wanted to continue the conversation about Article support in PixelFed in a public place like that, if that's alright.

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@dansup @matt I have not been active enough to actually comment on socialhub topics yet (or at least not this one? I don't have the option) but my suggestion to Matt would be to generate some kind of optional attachment for articles as text-screenshots (with the alt text of course)

Alternatively, Pixelfed could do that when it receives a text-only article, which would take the burden off other servers

@darius @dansup Hadn't thought about generated text screenshots! That'd be pretty cool. I was thinking more along the lines of WF posts with images in them.

But yeah, will discuss more there when the Socialhub admins enable replies in the Pixelfed category (they're disabled for me, too).

@matt @dansup FYI, I've asked if there is a place to discuss these questions more generally! I'd love to have somewhere to brainstorm questions like "what are different ways Article/Event/etc could be rendered on different broad categories of AP server"

I think a lot of these questions can be solved with creative design thinking (like text screenshots) but we need to pose the questions first!

@darius @dansup Absolutely! Would be great to have a place for more discussions at that level.

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