One time I really wish Mastodon had quote-tooting is when I'm sharing ActivityPub Articles (i.e. blog posts).

Would be awesome to natively boost a post with a little personal comment added, especially to aid in a fediverse conversation around the post. Otherwise you get what we have right now: every post is "Shared without comment."

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(I think it's more noticeable with Articles because Mastodon only shows a title and the link. Which is oddly terse in social media land.)

One way to enable this while reducing abuse might be to let the publishing Actor (i.e. the post author) specify other Actors that can boost and add a comment. So e.g. @ matt @ could allow: @ matt @, and I could get the effect I'm after.

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And of course this ignores implementations like @darius's Hometown ( that display Articles in their entirety, making the post + comment perhaps a little less needed. But I still think it'd be nice to have.

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@matt If you implemented it on your side that would be incredible. I want to “quote” multiple mastodon posts in a writefreely blog and write an article around them while sending the mentions back to the original posts. I feel like this could be done already without needing to change ap or mastodon

@matt the real problem there is Mastodon. Use software that handles articles in a decent way, like Pleroma.

@matt is that omission deliberate that you know? i vaguely recall reading something about it, but i forgot

@mrb @lerk It was a deliberate decision, because of the downsides that can come with it (harassment, dogpiling, etc.)

Some background on an old GitHub issue here:

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