Besides not supporting Amazon, which I enjoy, an added benefit of getting books from other online sellers is that they aren't all bent and banged up when they get to me. Have had two good experiences with Barnes and Noble now.

It's a small, maybe insignificant thing. But part of the joy of buying physical books for me is seeing the wear and tear they accumulate over time.

Showing my age here, but I was a teenage bookseller at B&N in the late 90's, right around the time that "You've Got Mail" came out and everyone got mad at us for putting Meg Ryan out of business.

It's kinda funny to see B&N now in the scrappy underdog role.

@nate Ha! No kidding, it's kinda funny how things change.

What was the thing with B&N putting Meg Ryan out of business? I never actually saw the movie


In that movie Meg Ryan has a small independent book store and "Fox Books" (Tom Hanks) (a B&N stand-in) comes into her neighborhood and slashes prices so she can't compete and has to close shop.

It is true that small book stores in my home town closed down, but the upside is that B&N became a hangout spot. And book sales overall increased.

I worked for three different bookstores in the 90's and all three were flourishing. It's like Boise, ID was just waiting for books to become cool.

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